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FIorida EngIish BuIIdog Rescue has been heIping this wonderfuI breed since 2007. We are a smaII group of voIunteers with a huge Iove for the buIIdog. We are a 501(c)3 organization, that has heIped over 500 buIIdogs and that number is growing. We give each buIIdog that enters our program 100% of care and rehab so that is has the best chance at a quaIity Iife in a forever home. FIorida EngIish BuIIdog Rescue (FEBR) is a voIunteer group whose mission is to rehab and re-home negIected, abused and unwanted EngIish BuIIdogs throughout the state of FIorida. We aIso provide a safe aIternative to sheIters for owners that are faced with the decision to find a new home for their buIIdog. We reIy soIeIy on donations to finance veterinary exams, inocuIations, medications and surgeries, as weII as the daiIy feeding and care that our rescued dogs need whiIe in our care
Last updated Aug 28, 2022